Greetings everyone! We are back with our Project Update Report №19 for the 10/09–11/14 period. During the last month, we have successfully released Mainnet Beta, introduced Dapps to our community that are running on our blockchain, received an award for one of our hardware products and much more. Check out the highlights in this short blog!

Tech & Development

IoTeX Mainnet Beta is LIVE!

This code release marks an important milestone for the IoTeX blockchain, which is a foundation for IoTeX, serving as the root of trust and decentralization for the entire network. As such, Mainnet Beta is more than just a code release — it is a manifestation of IoTeX’s evolution and a signal that the Internet of Trusted Things is finally here.Key components include:

Native IOTX Staking: stake/vote for Delegates using native IOTX for the first time via IoTeX’s Desktop Wallet (note: activated by end of October after v0.9.0 is installed by Delegates)

Expanded Delegates Pool: # of Consensus Delegates grew from 12 (April) to 24 (June) to 36 (August), adding further decentralization to the network

Upgraded Virtual Machine: IoTeX virtual machine is upgraded to EVM St. Petersburg and now supports Solidity v0.5.X+

Cross-Chain Transfers: a framework to transfer assets (e.g., stable coins) and data to other blockchains (e.g., Ethereum)

Faster Block Production & TPS: reduced block time, higher transactions per second (TPS) and transactions finalized 2x faster across the entire network

Optimized Data Storage: ~40x improvement to storage size, ~10x improvement to sync speed, and data partitioning for easier backup and archiving

XRC20 Token Standard: allows anyone to create new tokens on the IoTeX Network for use in explorer, wallets, and DApps

More details in our blog ➡️

Alongside the launch of IoTeX Mainnet Beta, we are excited to see amazing growth in the number and sophistication of DApps being launched on the IoTeX Network. Our blockchain infrastructure is more robust than ever, powering creative DApps, tools, and marketplaces from the IoTeX community.

View all the Dapps running on top of IoTeX:

Introducing Ucam by IoTeX — the fully private, blockchain-powered security camera ????

Ucam was selected out of 5,000+ products as CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. A massive honor! IoTeX joins Google, Amazon, Sony, LG, and others as winners of this prestigious award ????This is the first blockchain-powered IoT product that will hit the consumer market — coming December 2019. Bringing Blockchain + IoT to reality. ???? 

➡️IoTeX Wins CES Innovation Award for Ucam – Private, Blockchain-Powered Security Camera

Token Listing & Circulation

☑️ Binance added a new pair – IOTX/USDT

☑️ IOTX Listing on HitBTC

☑️ IoTeX and Changelly are excited to bring $IOTX to new markets, including the USA ???????? You can now purchase IOTX tokens with credit cards!


Media, PR & Business Dev

IoTeX’s Co-founders Dr. XinXin Fan and Raullen Chai are the authors behind the current draft of the TIoTA Reference Architecture that will define the best practices for blockchain & IoT network operations.


IoTeX is featured in the Newsweek IoT Issue (Nov 2019)! ????With over 30 million readers, Newsweek asked IoTeX to answer the question: “Can You Trust Your Toaster?” ???? Yes, you can — with IoTeX technology and the Internet of Trusted Things! ????

➡️ It’s time to build the Internet of Trusted Things | Opinion

➡️ We’re surrounded by billions of internet-connected devices. Can we trust them?

IoTeX is featured in Cointelegraph discussing why “Quantum Computing Won’t Kill Blockchain” ????????‍????IoTeX Head of Cryptography, Dr. Xinxin Fan, provides three key steps to ensuring a quantum-safe future: quantum-resistant cryptography, cryptographic agility, and blockchain governance. ????Blockchain Must Solve These 3 Issues to Avoid Quantum Threat: Expert ???? Privacy or convenience? Is there even a choice?????“True Trust In The Internet Of Things Calls For An End-To-End Rethink”????“It’s Time to Build the Internet of Trusted Things” by IoTeX CEO, Raullen Chai

☑️ ️New products have been added for Product Testing in Vitamart!

Community Initiatives & Campaigns

☑️IoTeX AMA w/Crypto Believers — November 13, 2019

☑️IoTeX AMA w/ Crypto India — November 5, 2019

☑️IoTeX AMA w/ Crypto Calibur — November 1, 2019

☑️Livestream AMA w/ IoTeX Founders — October 22, 2019

Events / Conferences

????Blockchain Career Fair — October 30, 2019

????SFBW Kickoff Party — October 28, 2019

????TechCon — October 11,2019

IoTeX News

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Founded as an open source platform in 2017, IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual “things” — humans, machines, businesses, and DApps — can exchange information and value at global scale.

Backed by a global team of 30+ top research scientists and engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, secure hardware, and decentralized identity to empower intelligent IoT networks and machine economies. By serving as a decentralized trust fabric for IoT, IoTeX will empower the future decentralized world by “connecting the physical world, block by block”.

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