Blockchain Technology, Smart Devices and IoT: The Future [Expert Panel]

Blockchain Technology, Smart Devices and IoT: The Future [Expert Panel]

The world is changing. Blockchain is all the buzz, but what is actually happening in the world’s most exciting space?

This panel will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the technology that's powering the future of smart devices.

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How will your life change when we live in a world of connected smart devices that are on a blockchain? How do these smart devices interconnect and create new possibilities?

We have world-class speakers who are leading the way and building this smart device interconnected ecosystem of IoT and blockchain. See what they are working on now!

There have been groundbreaking developments in the last few years around smart devices, IoT and blockchain connectivity. Some of the biggest developments are coming from IoTeX, a company that is revolutionizing how devices communicate with each other and enable the safe use of trusted data from smart devices, and is joining us for this exciting panel.

This panel explores:

  • The current state of the Internet of things (Iot) and blockchain
  • In the future, how will blockchain and IoT affect the life of an average person?
  • Why is there so much buzz about connected smart devices? Are they that important?
  • Why is privacy and data security always part of discussions about IoT?
  • What can we expect in the future?
  • What are some new and exciting projects that are being built on blockchain?
  • And much more!

Anoop Nannra - Global Blockchain Segment Leader at Amazon (AWS)

Amazon Web Services  is one of the world’s largest cloud services providers. The ultimate benefit of cloud computing, and AWS, is the ability to leverage a new business model and turn capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs.

Raullen Chai, Co-Founder & CEO, IoTeX

Raullen has been a Cryptography Research Scientist at the University of Waterloo, Head of Crypto R&D at Uber, and Security Engineering Lead at Google.

IoTeX, headquartered in Silicon Valley is a blockchain IoT company. IoTeX is backed by a global team of 30+ top tier engineers, research scientists, and operators from Google, Facebook, Uber, Bosch, and more. The company is creating an ecosystem that enables users to own their devices, as well as the data and value those devices generate.

Nathan Miller, CEO, Consensus Networks

Nathan Miller an officer in the U.S. Navy, serving as a Nuclear Submarine Officer, USS Maine. He has taught at the university level teaching Naval Engineering and Weapons and Introduction to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Consensus Networks designs, builds and supports cloud and physical infrastructure for blockchain technology They recently announced the signing of a $1.5M contract with US Navy for the medical supply chain.

Chad Liang, VP of Business Listings, Bitmart

​​BitMart is a top-tier trading platform for exchanging, buying, and selling digital assets, with over 5.5 million users around the globe. Founded in 2018, BitMart supports over 200 cryptocurrencies and trades in 180 countries.