Unseen Heroes: Celebrating the IoTeX Moderators

Introducing the Best Moderators initiative. Moderators have built a sense of unity within the IoTeX community – often working behind the scenes.

Unseen Heroes: Celebrating the IoTeX Moderators

Over the past two years, the IoTeX Moderator Program has proven to be a pivotal force in fostering an inclusive and vibrant community. The "Mod Squad" is comprised of dedicated individuals and professionals from around the globe who showed extraordinary leadership in the community. Through an application and selection process, they became official members of the IoTeX Moderator Program.

These moderators have tirelessly served as the backbone of IoTeX's communication network, providing round-the-clock assistance and acting as a crucial bridge between the IoTeX community and the IoTeX Core team.

Coming from all over the world, moderators ensure that community members from any continent have a voice in the IoTeX community.

Our moderators have built a sense of unity within the community – often working behind the scenes. That is why we are introducing a new initiative to recognize and celebrate their hard work.

Beacons of the Community

The IoTeX Moderators have consistently gone above and beyond the call-of-duty, dedicating countless hours to assist community members from all corners of the globe. Their commitment to being available 24/7 has helped IoTeX maintain a community that remains active and vibrant at all times.

Our Moderators take charge on our Telegram and Reddit pages, answering questions, providing discussion topics, preventing spam, and relaying community feedback to the Core Team.

Whether it's providing tech support, creating organic content on Twitter, or engaging in discussions, these moderators nurture a welcoming environment for both newcomers and seasoned IoTeX enthusiasts.

Bridging the Gap

Our Moderators have a deep understanding of IoTeX's vision, technology, and ongoing developments, which allows them to effectively relay information from the Core Team to the community. Additionally, they act as a voice for the community, gathering valuable feedback and suggestions that directly influence the development of IoTeX's ecosystem.

The IoTeX Core team acknowledges and deeply appreciates the invaluable contributions made by our moderators. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and sense of responsibility have been instrumental in shaping the community. Our moderators are key stakeholders, and they are vital in IoTeX's success and future growth.

Moving Forward

To celebrate and support our dedicated moderators, we’re excited to launch a new initiative: “Moderators of the Month”!

Each month, the IoTeX Community will vote to select the moderators who have gone above and beyond in service to the community. Together, the Core Team and Community now have the opportunity to recognize and reward the efforts of these exceptional individuals.

Head to the forum now to read full details and vote each month for the Best Moderators.

As we continue on this remarkable journey together, the spirit of unity and collaboration fostered by the IoTeX Moderator Program will continue to fuel the growth and success of IoTeX, solidifying its place as a leading force in the blockchain and DePIN space. Together, we look forward to building an even stronger, more inclusive, and prosperous IoTeX community.