DePIN Liquidity Hub - Join the Fastest Growing Sector in Crypto

DePIN Liquidity Hub - Join the Fastest Growing Sector in Crypto

An essential feature of any web-3 project is highly liquid token markets that allow contributors–from billion-dollar VCs to hobbyists– to sell or expand their holdings whenever they wish. DeFi (Decentralized Finance), or web-3 financial applications like exchanges and lending protocols, have historically enjoyed rapid growth in part by building liquidity for their own tokens into their applications.  The DePIN sector (short for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) has enjoyed promising growth and predictions that its addressable market will reach $3 trillion within five years.

DePINs are revolutionizing how physical infrastructure is built and operated, leveraging decentralized technologies to enhance efficiency and security. But new DePIN projects face a dearth of token liquidity, prompting IoTeX to launch the DePIN Liquidity Hub, breathing life into the vital markets underpinning young DePINs. With six founding members, the program onboards projects into an ecosystem with over 300k community members and offers liquidity pool matching of up to $10,000 on mimo, a DePIN-focused decentralized exchange, among many other offerings.

The Growth Engine for New Projects

Liquidity depth refers to the capacity of a market to handle large trading volumes without significant price fluctuations. In the DePIN sector, many smaller projects that do not enjoy the cache and corresponding major exchange listings of, say, a Filecoin or a Helium, struggle to achieve this, leading to volatile market conditions that can deter potential investors and users. Collaboration is at the heart of the DePIN sector's ethos. The industry thrives on the interconnectivity of different projects, leveraging each other's strengths to create a more robust and versatile ecosystem.

The DePIN Liquidity Hub embodies this spirit by sharing IoTeX’s strengths, a large capital base, and a broad swath of DePIN stakeholders with smaller projects that bring engineering talent and energy to the ecosystem in exchange for joint marketing, technical integrations, and, of course, greater token market liquidity.

What The DePIN Liquidity Hub Offers

Instant Access to 300K+ Community Members: Tap into a thriving community of over 300,000 engaged DePIN users. This instant access means your project can immediately benefit from a large, active user base, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to build your own community from scratch.

Full Technical Integration with ioPay, Cross-Chain Bridging Support & Token Listing on mimo: Experience seamless integration with IoTeX's cutting-edge ioPay wallet, benefit from robust cross-chain bridging support, and take advantage of the multi-million dollar liquidity base on the mimo exchange.

Liquidity Pool Matching: Jumpstart your project's liquidity with a substantial boost, thanks to the $10K IOTX token matching for your $10K project token. This matching initiative provides a solid foundation for liquidity trading, enhancing market confidence and attractiveness to investors.

Targeted Marketing to Drive Project Exposure and Awareness: Utilize sophisticated, tailored marketing strategies designed to elevate your project's visibility. Leverage a diverse range of promotional channels, including a specialized DePIN newsletter, engaging podcasts, widespread social media outreach, influencer collaborations, insightful research portals, and community-driven initiatives.

Expert Guidance: Gain invaluable insights and guidance from the seasoned IoTeX team and renowned DePIN experts. This mentorship and expertise can be a game-changer, offering you the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the DePIN landscape successfully.

How It Works

The DePIN liquidity Hub starts with the technical integration of your project's token onto IoTeX's platforms, including ioPay, ioTube, and mimo. This integration is pivotal for seamless transactions and broader ecosystem compatibility. Once integrated, the next step involves creating a secure 3/4 multi-signature wallet hosted by Safe. In this stage, your project contributes $10K in native tokens to a liquidity pool, which is then matched by an equal $10K contribution in IOTX tokens from IoTeX. This matching mechanism significantly bolsters the liquidity pool, providing a stable foundation for market growth.

Following the liquidity pool setup, the native token/IOTX pair is listed on the mimo DEX, which facilitates trading and enhances visibility, in addition to receiving immediate support on IoTeX’s cross-chain ioPay wallet. IoPay increases the accessibility of the token to a broad user base, increasing visibility and token adoption. To further incentivize trading, a liquidity mining program will be activated, offering rewards such as native tokens and physical hardware giveaways to participants.

The program doesn’t stop there. It ensures sustained growth and visibility through ongoing marketing campaigns and collaborations among all listed DePIN projects. These initiatives are designed to continuously drive exposure and engagement, leveraging the collective strength of the ecosystem.

Founding Members of the DePIN Liquidity Hub

1. WiFi Map ($WIFI Token):

WiFi Map is making internet access more accessible than ever. Their platform allows users to find and connect to WiFi networks worldwide, creating a global community of internet users. $WIFI is the economic engine of the WiFi Map app and project and has helped us supercharge our growth, both in terms of contributors and their contributions and also in terms of in-app spending and purchases of eSIMs, VPNs, etc. Trade $WIFI on mimo here.

“We're excited to be working with IoTeX to launch a liquidity pool for $WIFI on their mimo DEX as we look to increase $WIFI token liquidity and utility around the world." -  Lyubov Skripeleva, CMO, WiFi Map

2. GEODNET ($GEOD Token):

Geodnet is revolutionizing the way we think about geographical data and its applications in the digital world. By leveraging blockchain technology, Geodnet provides a secure and decentralized platform for high-accuracy proof-of-location. Trade $GEOD on mimo here.

"The increased liquidity provided by this DePIN Liquidity program is pivotal for $GEOD. It not only enhances our market presence but also opens up new avenues for composability within the DePIN ecosystem."  - Mike Horton, CEO, Geodnet.

3. DIMO ($DIMO Token):

DIMO is changing the game in digital mobility. They focus on creating decentralized solutions for the mobility industry, making transportation smarter and more efficient. Trade $DIMO on mimo here.

"At DIMO, we're building an open developer ecosystem for cars. Something I tweeted recently after seeing a DePIN ecosystem map was that DePIN as a category is underrated because each DePIN can and really should have its own ecosystem of other projects, developers, infra providers building on top of and in tandem with it. DIMO already has a dozen teams building on top of it with many more to come. It's important for DePIN tokens to have strong liquidity so that community members and investors can buy and sell and we're excited to see IoTeX adding support for $DIMO on its mimo DEX via liquidity pools." - Alex Rawitz, Co-Founder, DIMO

4. XNET ($XNET Token):

XNET is a next-generation mobile carrier, enhanced by the power of blockchain technology. The deployment of the $XNET token is central to this vision, serving as an incentive for network expansion into key urban markets. XNET’s decentralized Radio Access Network (RAN) is a solution to the problems in the mobile industry. Through roaming agreements, MNOs, MVNOs, and MSOs gain access to the XNET network, addressing their capacity and coverage issues. XNET uses 40% of network revenue to buy/burn $XNET off markets. Trade $XNET on mimo here.

"At XNET, we believe that connectivity is not just a service, but a fundamental human right. Our mission is to revolutionize the way the world connects through pioneering decentralized wireless technology. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has the freedom and ability to connect. Through our collaboration with IoTeX, by joining the DePIN DEX, we're making significant strides towards this vision. By launching a Liquidity Pool on their mimo exchange and working closely with other DePIN projects, we're not just creating a network; we're building a global community where connectivity is unfettered and universally accessible." - Richard DeVaul, CEO, XNET.

5. Drop Wireless ($DWIN Token):

Drop Wireless is a pioneer in decentralized wireless networks, overseeing a global LoraWAN network. Furthermore, they have introduced an innovative advertising marketplace, offering business and display ad owners the chance to engage in a cost-effective advertising platform. Trade $DWIN on mimo here.  

“We are thrilled about the incredible marketing prospects presented by the DePIN Asset Program. Alongside enhancing platform visibility, we anticipate raising awareness and liquidity for our $DWIN token, drawing in new users and investors alike.” - Andrew Baek, CEO, Drop Wireless.

6. WiCrypt ($WNT Token):

WiCrypt is redefining how we interact with wireless technology. Their platform allows users to monetize their WiFi networks, offering a unique business model in the wireless internet sector and striving to build the first decentralized WiFi network. Trade $WNT on mimo here.

"The DePIN Liquidity Hub's focus on token liquidity, technical integration and expert guidance will be invaluable for our growth trajectory." - Ugochukwu Aronu, CEO, WiCrypt.


The DePIN Liquidity Hub is especially useful to emerging projects in the DePIN sector. It offers a comprehensive suite of benefits - from instant access to a vast active user base, targeted marketing, and full technical integration with IoTeX's platforms to liquidity pool matching and expert guidance. This program is not just about providing resources; it's about fostering a thriving ecosystem where projects can collaborate, innovate, and grow together. By joining this program, projects gain a significant advantage in navigating the complex landscape of DeFi, leveraging the strength and reach of the IoTeX network to achieve unparalleled growth and success. For any project looking to make a substantial impact in the DePIN sector, the DePIN Liquidity Hub is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Appendix: How to Invest

In order to invest in DePIN tokens it is required that you own some tokens on the IoTeX network so that you can swap them for DePIN tokens in

The tutorial video below takes you through the two options you have to get invested into DePIN tokens:

How to Invest Tutorial

Step 1) Bridge tokens to IoTeX or Buy IoTeX directly with fiat currency.

Bridging Method:

To bridge tokens to IoTeX you can do so at Simply connect your wallet and follow the prompts. It can take around 15 minutes for the tokens to arrive on IoTeX network. You can view the bridging progress here: (it can take around 5 minutes to become visible in explorer. You can add the token addresses to your wallet using the "Assets" page:

Note: For a limited time, IoTeX is providing a 0.5 IOTX airdrop for wallets that are using the IoTeX network for the first time. The 0.5 IOTX will be received at the same time the bridged tokens are received and can be used to pay for the gas for your first few transactions on the IoTeX network, including swapping for DePIN tokens.

Fiat currency method: Go to where you will have a number of credit card onramping options. Choose one that operates in your region and follow the steps to attain the IOTX you will use to swap for DePIN tokens.

Step 2) Go to Connect your wallet. Then filter to DePIN tokens where you will have your choice of tokens to swap to.

Appendix 2: DePINscan Allows You to Dive Even Deeper

With the DePIN explorer, DePINscan, developers gain entry to a readily available map explorer and dashboard, furnishing priceless insights driven by data to the wider DePIN community. The number of interconnected devices on DePINscan has surged by more than 300,000 in the last month.

DePIN Explorer (DePINscan) Walkthrough