R3AL WORLD R3AL Meaning Behind the Branding

R3AL WORLD R3AL Meaning Behind the Branding

In case you hadn’t heard, we were at ETHDenver… where we held our own event:
R3AL WORLD. It was a first for our DePIN sector and the first time the world got to see and experience our burgeoning sector in R3AL LIFE.

Across the day, we had close to 1000 attendees walk through the door. The venue was packed from morning to close because the day was stacked full of engaging, inspiring, and experiential participation. Whether it was getting into the DIMO car, playing with the SmartPoint kiosk, participating in the W3bstream demo, voting on the best pitches, taking part in the ARM giveaways or being inspired by our panelists, there was something for everyone throughout the day.

R3AL WORLD was an unbridled success. The feedback was so positive, and many said it was the best event they had attended at ETHDenver… Of course, this is great to hear, but more than anything, it motivates us to be even better next time.

One area, in particular, garnered a lot of praise: our Event Branding. We made a real effort to elevate our delivery here in that as soon as anyone entered the venue, we wanted them to be hit straight away with it. We knew we had to make a bold statement about the DePIN category.

Projects, investors, and attendees all said the same thing- our branding encapsulated the excitement building around and the new focused energy driving our sector today.

So, we thought we’d give you a deep dive understanding of the meaning behind it all. Below, we will break down each of the elements and give you an inside look into each of them.

The meaning behind the R3AL WORLD name

When coming up with the brand name, we had a number of criteria it had to meet: category relevance, event depictions, and ownability. And this is why the R3AL WORLD name worked.

  1. It summed up the idea of web3 meeting the real world, and as you can see from the name, the 3 (from web3) perfectly integrates into the Real.
  2. It has a nice dual meaning in that the word ‘world’ is about our everyday life, but it is also used when describing an event.
  3. ‘Real World’ is a phrase that our category is obsessed with, yet no one has owned it yet, because no one (up until now) has properly integrated it into an enhanced everyday life in the real world. But we are. And surprisingly, no one had written it like this before (R3AL). No one had used it like this. Because of that, this is a name we can own and use a lot in the future.

During the fireside chat, Raullen said this:

“Crypto has a lot of hype. Hype is sometimes good…Because it gives us the capital to build. The talent to recruit. But if it's just hype, it doesn't make sense at all. We built something real for real people to use. We need to make the world a better place.”

This is the R3AL WORLD. The visible force for good. Front and center in people’s lives.

A tagline with Immediacy

For us, inside the DePIN sector, we knew this day was coming- When the world would see what we’re all about. But many outside the sector saw us as an interesting idea for the future.

That set the tone for our creative team to develop a tagline that delivered immediacy. We‘re saying this category is alive at this moment in 2023.

Right Here. Right Now.

This is a really simple but very definite statement. It communicates the immediacy sentiment perfectly, telling the world this category is alive and happening Right Here. Right Now… IOTEX is at the forefront of it, pushing it forward.

Feedback from projects and investors was, ‘Yes, this is what we’re about; we’re happening Right Here Right now.’

A new positive energy into Everyday

We believe in web3 for good. We know our sector is bringing a new positive force front and center into people’s lives. Creatively, we wanted a set of design icons that imbued this new positive energy web3 (our version of it) is bringing to the real world.

We have a two-part set: Pulse (the singular energy source) and Union (the energy sources merging).


Symbolizes the energy source that is web3 (or more precisely W3bstream), bringing new life and new energy to the real world, integrating into and improving everyday life.


Symbolizes the two energy sources of web3 and the everyday real-world fusing, merging to create a whole new energy. A whole new way of thinking not just about Web3 but how people will benefit when web3 fuses in union with everyday tasks and life.

When thinking about both of these icons, we considered how they would look on large format posters. We wanted to focus the attendees' eyes on these powerful energy sources pulsing and vibrating as they walked around the venue.

Bringing it all together

Individually each element of our branding assets had its meaning, but it is the unification of all assets which delivers the most.

IOTEX brings new energy (pulse icons) to the everyday, integrating into and improving the R3AL WORLD, not far off in the future, but Right Here Right Now.

Bringing the Real into the R3AL WORLD

We know the next great wave of adoption is going to come from our sector, but this wave of adoption is going to be very different from previous waves. In the past, adoption was driven by invisible financial instruments which worked their magic in the background, and as such, this invisibility is probably why adoption plateaued. But we’re about visibility, enhancing everyday people’s lives in real visible ways. Our evolution of communication must showcase this everydayness.

We will start to integrate actual real-world imagery into our mix, moving away from the abstract forms of communication which have dominated the sector for too long, as we start to ramp up our real-world readiness credentials.

Over the next quarter, look out for our updated website, and in the next couple of weeks, we will have the first of our new podcast series: Right Here Right Now.

If you are interested in DePIN you can learn more about the latest developments in the sector and compare projects by visiting DePINscan. DePINscan powered by W3bstream and IoTeX is designed to empower intelligent investors in the DePIN sector.