Learn to Register Your FIO Name in ioPay

Learn to Register Your FIO Name in ioPay

ioPay and FIO’s partnership is bearing fruit. You can now create a user-friendly wallet identity to send and receive crypto payments. Just one identity for all of your crypto.

If you’d like, you can stop reading right here and jump into our video tutorial to get set up in an instant. Or hold off on the video and learn why we think you’ll love this!

Get set up right from your ioPay wallet. The principles of user focused design, interoperability, open standards, and decentralization continue to guide our product development. We believe you should take pleasure in using everything we build.

Now there’s no need to copy and paste a long string of letters and numbers, press Send, and wait to see if your money went where you wanted. You can have just one crypto wallet identity. With your FIO Crypto Handle, your one identifier removes the need for blockchain public addresses. We think you’ll like:

  • Human-readable crypto identities: lets users initiate transactions using easy to read and memorable identifiers like “john@iopay” or “jane@device”
  • Private: sensitive counterparty information, including public addresses and metadata, can be encrypted on the blockchain
  • Interoperable: once integrated into a wallet, the FIO Protocol works with any blockchain and cryptocurrency without any integration to those chains.
  • FIO Send: with FIO Send you can now easily withdraw and send any cryptocurrency without the stress of copying and pasting long string public addresses that users of this and other wallets normally use. FIO Send replaces that long string public address that is vulnerable to errors and other exploits with a simple, human-readable address known as a FIO Crypto Handle. The long string public key address is replaced with the FIO Crypto Handle in the format of username@domain or, for example, janedoe@iopay.

How to register your Fio name in ioPay

When you are in Wallet view, click wallet icon (top right)

Click FIO Name

FIO Dashboard

  • Input the username and get your crypto handle.
  • Add your @ioPay handle to the cart and check out, it's free for ioPay members!
  • Create a FIO Account with email, and create the PIN for your FIO account.
  • Set up your password recovery for your FIO account.
  • Complete transaction for your FIO crypto handle.

How to connect Fio name with IOTX address?

1. Click FIO Crypto Handles and go to Manage the handle  you have created.

  1. Click Link

3.  Now type in chain code and token code exactly as it appears below (DO NOT USE AUTOCOMPLETE - there is a known bug). And enter your associated wallet address from the wallet you would like to connect to this crypto handle.

Use FIO Crypto Handle as the receipt address

After you have successfully created your FIO crypto handle, then you can send your unique FIO crypto handle to your friends, and your friends can send you IOTX through your crypto handle rather than providing them your wallet address.

Upon entering a crypto handle, you should see the wallet address it is tied to.