IoTeX Offers Direct RPC Endpoint Via Ankr

IoTeX Offers Direct RPC Endpoint Via Ankr

IoTeX now has a dedicated endpoint for RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) that makes it much easier to connect to the IoTeX blockchain. The public URL,, does not require a username or password and will be fast and reliable.

What are RPCs and why are they useful?

RPCs (Remote Procedure Call) are a type of API (Application Programming Interface). These let developers run code remotely and receive a response from, in this case, the IoTeX blockchain. For the IoTeX community and those building on it, this means that dApp builders using this RPC capability, can enable their dApps to pull data from the IoTeX blockchain.

Ankr Protocol provides the layer on which this public RPC Layer rests. Stability is assured by the multiple nodes located around the world in 200+ data centers. The system is monitored to constantly ensure that RPC endpoints are synced real-time to the underlying nodes. To optimize for network speed, RPCs have automated routing, and network monitoring uses intelligent caching to select the best available node in high traffic periods.

RPCs and Building on IoTeX

How does the RPC functionality help IoTeX developers?

IoTeX is already optimized for building IoT applications on our blockchain. Fast transaction time, extremely low fees, W3bstream processing data, all make our platform optimal for IoT and blockchain use cases. But developers still need access to the information on the IoTeX nodes. Ankr’s RPC solution:

  • Removes the need for developers to spin up their own IoTeX nodes.
  • Facilitates access to IoTeX for dApps and open-source software, including letting you access information on a cluster of nodes. Now you can build dApps with IoTeX functionality for services like MetaMask that need to execute crypto wallet transactions.
  • Makes it easier to build on IoTeX Ankr’s Public RPC and will help the IoTeX network grow around the world.
  • Ankr will offer an incentive to independent and enterprise IoTeX node operators to add their nodes to the Public RPC in return for ANKR tokens. This will encourage additional IoTex nodes which creates a more powerful and robust network.

Visit the IoTeX Developer page to learn how easy it is to build on the IoTeX platform.