W3bstream’s Devnet Makes DePIN Building Faster

W3bstream’s Devnet Makes DePIN Building Faster

With the launch of W3bstream Devnet, IoTeX has massively reduced the amount of time, resource and investment required to build and develop DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) projects.

Devnet does this by abstracting away multiple middleware layers into a single solution, meaning projects which once took years for a team to complete, can now be built by an individual in a matter of weeks- or even days. Coinciding with the launch of Devnet is W3bstream Studio, which further enhances the build experience. It enables builders to visually orchestrate entire applications, taking the historic complexity out of the process and allows builders to coordinate the entire project with one unified and intuitive interface.

In the process, W3bstream via this Devnet launch answers the question which has tormented the web3 industry since its inception: where’s the utility? With ICOs and DeFi meltdowns burning investors, decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) is a multi trillion dollar breath of fresh utility that rewards users for their everyday actions.

W3bstream is a chain and device agnostic compute infrastructure that unlocks powerful data streams for real world use cases from stabilizing the energy grid to decentralizing ride sharing. Now Devnet has made DePIN accessible for everyone, from experienced teams to hobbyists alike.
DePIN is where crypto gets real. Where web3 meets the real world. Or, as we like to call it, the R3al World.

“W3bstream is the first place developers should go to experiment with DePIN.”Salvador Gala, Co-founder, Escape Velocity Ventures

W3bstream is the powerful gateway to free the data of everything. As developers uniquely experiment with it, an entirely new design space is born. Devices and dApps become new ecosystems and economies unto themselves, bringing untold benefits and rewards into everyday life. DePIN will trigger the next great wave of adoption, as everyday people finally see the benefits of web3 integrating into and enhancing their everyday lives.

Dozens of partners are all already building with W3bstream, taking advantage of its revolutionary technology as they challenge and disrupt category norms with solutions only  decentralized thinking will enable.

None more so than the first two of our launch partners…
DRIFE is already disrupting the ride sharing industry with their uber-challenger dApp by directly connecting (and rewarding) drivers and riders.
React’s people-powered energy network is ambitiously solving instability issues with current centralized energy grids to create a cleaner, more energy-efficient planet.

Solving category stagnating problems

DePIN itself is a category of innovation that was born out of a confluence of new technologies: from distributed ledgers to machine learning and IoT. But the opportunity to build decentralized infrastructure networks remains largely untapped due to the enormous expense and time required to launch and scale.

The first successful DePIN, Helium, raised $365 million to bootstrap a million nodes. Helium’s task was enormous, building an L1 from scratch and laboriously architecting the seven-layer DePIN stack.

With W3bstream, the hardware, firmware, connectivity, and data processing layers have been completely abstracted, and the cost to launch is now accessible even for the smallest teams. Teams no longer need to focus on initial capital, high costs of experimentation, and slow go-to-market strategies. As our CEO Raullen Chai puts it across,

"We've been bold enough to create W3bstream, the world's first DePIN infrastructure that provides developers with all the tools to easily and within a few days build any dApp imaginable”. - Raullen Chai, CEO and Co-Founder of IoTeX

Removing these blockers is like deconstructing a dam: the potential energy of DePIN is now free to flow through physical industries from energy infrastructure to telecom.

With combinant features never seen before

Devnet is the first public implementation of IoTeX’s W3bstream architecture. And it's designed for everyone. Developers of all skill levels will be able to log in with standard wallets like Metamask and experiment with DePIN right away. Here are some of W3bstream Devnet’s most impactful features:

Directly connect any smart device to web3

W3bstream Devnet is the first public tool that allows developers to collect data directly from devices and pipe it all the way to smart contracts. Remember, its device agnostic meaning its potential applications span industries.

W3bstream SDKs accommodate a wide range of IoT devices with different hardware components and capabilities, from legacy Web2-based products, to community-driven development boards, to emerging Web3-oriented devices and mobile phones.

Whether you're built on Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino systems, W3bstream has you covered.

“[Before W3bstream] nobody had built something that solves mobility specific primitives.”—Firdosh Sheikh, CEO and founder of DRIFE.

Build in any programming language from a single interface

With W3bstream Studio, developers can seamlessly generate logic based on smart device data that triggers blockchain actions such as minting crypto rewards or NFTs, enabling you to unlock valuable insights and token economies with ease.

Settle incentives on any blockchain

DePIN’s superpower is incentives: fairly rewarding users who serve as the basis for massive distributed physical networks. But development teams face a headwind when architecting incentives models from scratch, which is why Devnet provides Automated Token Proofs for developers who want to reward users for their positive real-world behaviors with NFTs, SBTs (Soul-Bound Tokens) or just regular old fungible tokens.

Visualize and analyze trusted data metrics in real-time

Trusted Metrics allows developers to easily set up metrics for their projects based on the data collected from their devices. With this service, you can quickly and accurately monitor your projects and use these metrics to build informative dashboards.

Powered by a real time saving machine

Even great technologies aren’t worth much without a great UI, which is why IoTeX is launching W3bstream Studio alongside Devnet to visually orchestrate entire applications. For the first time, the complex architecture of DePIN apps can be managed from a single location within W3bstream Studio, giving developers room to breathe and flexibility to innovate.

Developers can take the following key actions within W3bstream Studio:

Monitor incoming data

Real-time visualization of incoming data from one or a million devices. Every DePIN team needs a dashboard to moniter their network, and W3bstream studio does it for them.

React to data in real-time

Teams need to monitor data streams, but they also need to react to them to turn data into value. W3bstream studio gives teams the power to react to data in real-time, creating applets that systematically respond on and off chain.

Respond to and initiate blockchain events

DePIN bridges the physical and web3 worlds. W3bstream studio does the same for developers who want to respond to and initiate blockchain events based on real world data.  

DePIN apps used to require full-stack, well-funded teams. But with W3bstream Studio, a single person can launch a prototype that could grow into the next Helium. W3bstream Studio compliments IoTeX’s suite of go to market support– from funding to community building– making sure developers can focus on what they do best and build the best DePIN apps on the market.

Developers, come get your hands dirty

Devnet is for developers and thinkers of all backgrounds with an interest in improving society’s foundational infrastructure. IoTeX has worked with dozens of DePIN projects and has learned exactly what kind of support they need to build their products. All these insights have been distilled in W3bstream Devnet, so developers, check out Devnet and join one the largest technological transformations of the decade.

Category disruptors are already taking advantage

DRIFE is an example of a W3bstream Devnet partner that has achieved real scale, with 25,000 drivers and 200,000 passengers in Bangalore alone. DRIFE is integrating W3bstream (as well as IoTeX’s smartphone-based geostream), to authenticate driver location and trigger smart contracts to issue payments and badges to drivers and passengers.

We emphasize a billion users coming into web3 and for me that’s gonna come from real-world applications that are a part of daily life.– Firdosh Sheikh, Co-founder of DRIFE

The React Network responds to the challenge of an unstable US grid, which experiences more power outages than any other developed country. React is composed of thousands of user-deployed connected batteries in homes and businesses that share extra energy to a decentralized energy grid.

“The IoTeX Foundation is building incredibly valuable infrastructure that reduces the complexity of launching DePIN projects, and we're excited to partner with the team.” – Jason Badeaux, Co-founder of React Network

DRIFE and React are just two of W3bstream’s many Devnet launch partners that are decentralizing the physical world. The potential economic and social impact of these networks is virtually unbounded.

W3bstream is about to awaken the sleeping giant: DePIN

“DePIN is for the maximally ambitious founders that want to solve the base problems of society.” – Salvador Gala, Escape Velocity Ventures Co-Founder.So far DePIN has been defined by one word: potential; Messari described DePIN as a multi-trillion dollar opportunity. DePIN projects need the right tools and scalable infrastructure to create new networks that can compete with centralized behemoths and establish new categories entirely. W3bstream infrastructure, starting with Devnet, is the bridge between potential and reality. By unlocking vast pools of developer talent that have been waiting fervently for better tooling, W3bstream awakens a sleeping giant. We can’t wait to see where you, our community, takes us.

If you are interested in DePIN you can learn more about the latest developments in the sector and compare projects by visiting DePINscan. DePINscan powered by W3bstream and IoTeX is designed to empower intelligent investors in the DePIN sector.