Web2 Businesses Diving into Web3 with MachineFi

Web2 Businesses Diving into Web3 with MachineFi

With the recent closing of MachineFi Lab’s $10 Million seed round, there’s been a spate of discussion from the investors who participated in this round and what we can expect to see from MachineFi Lab. Among the updates, we’re eager to share is W3bStream, IoTeX’s advanced computational Oracle. We’re not revealing any spoilers here, but this is a big step towards a fuller realization of the MachineFi future. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

And speaking of our funding round, we think you'll like this segment of one of the interviews we did with MachineFi Lab investors. More are on the way! Watch now: MachineFi to Enable Widespread Web3 Use: In Conversation with Kavan Canekeratne

Read the full article here: Draper Dragon: Bullish On Web3 Projects Like IoTeX And MachineFi

IoTeX Town Hall Friday, Aug 19 @9AM PT

IoTeX Town Hall

Save the Date: Friday, August 19 @ 9am PT

Don’t miss an exciting panel with IoTeX co-founders Raullen Chai, Qevan Guo, and Jing Sun, as well as important updates spanning the IoTeX ecosystem. Watch on YouTube Live

Join the Conversation: The IoTeX Delegate Program

We are excited to welcome new Delegates to the IoTeX Network and want to hear your thoughts on how the IoTeX Delegates Program can be improved. Join the discussion on the IoTeX Forum

Read Dr. Xinxin Fan on Forbes

Dr. Xinxin Fan, IoTeX’s Head of Cryptography has penned another great article for Forbes. This month’s offering is bookmark worthy. How Can Web2-Based IoT Businesses Join The Web3 Revolution?

When the default style of writing in blockchain, crypto, and Web3 is breathless enthusiasm or outright shouting, it’s refreshing to read a well reasoned, nuanced piece on new technology. How should you think about whether or not to move your company to a Web3 model? Should I do it all at once or can my company transition incrementally? Here’s your guide.

HyDef22 - Web3 & IoT

HyDef22 - Web3 & IoT

It’s rare to get such a top-shelf group of companies all represented on one panel but it happened last week and we think you’ll agree it was worth the wait. You’ll hear from Constellation, CalChip Connect, Helium Network, and, of course, IoTeX. Watch here.

IoTeXperts August 10 Featuring enviroBLOQ, Halo Grant Winner

This session, co-hosted by Robert Wolff and Giuseppe DeLuca, features enviroBLOQ, the recent recipient of an IoTeX Halo Grant. Will McCann, Founder & CEO and Charles (Chuck) Cobern, Co-Founder and CTO saw an opportunity to create additional value in the home renovation field by monitoring power usage, ventilation, water usage, heating and cooling, solar power generation that people are beginning to use in smart homes.

They also saw an opportunity by way of seed money from the Halo Grant program Being built on the IoTeX blockchain means people are able to benefit from their own data by efficiencies achieved and by selling that data to 3rd parties if that’s what they’d like to do.

IoTeXperts July 27th Livestream Recap

In this episode of IoTeXperts Live, IoTeX CEO and Co-Founder Raullen Chai talks about the future of W3bStream (IoTeX's Layer-2 solution to empower the development of MachineFi dApps), while our IoTeXperts (Simone Romano and Discord Jeremi) give some updates on new developer product releases, and share the floor to answer some very interesting questions from the audience. There are some very cool reveals that will excite both Devs and non-Devs. Find the video and recap here.

IoTeX Governance

IoTeX Governance

We are excited to introduce the new IoTeX Governance framework! Our goal is to bring together users, developers, and Delegates to participate in decentralized decision-making that will power the IoTeX Network for years to come. Read the full blog

And coming on the heels of the new Community Forum we have a live proposal to update the Burn-Drop tokenomics. We urge you to read it, think about it, join the discussion, and vote on it.

Check out the proposal

💱 Binance Liquid Swap Adds IOTX, Opens IOTX/USDT Liquidity Pool

Great news as there’s more support for the IoTeX ecosystem. You can now add liquidity to the IOTX/USDT liquidity pool on Binance, and get a share of 1,666,667 IOTX in yield-farming rewards. Of course, read all the specifics, understand the risks in investing.

Samsung Next exec argues Web3 projects must face the challenge of utility (CoinTelegraph)

“While Web3 has shown a lot of potential from its inception to today, some still believe that there is a challenge that players in the space must face, which is utility, according to a Samsung Next executive.

In an interview, Raymond Liao, the managing director at Samsung Next, talked about the company's move to dive into Web3 by investing in MachineFi, a term coined by the IoTeX project to describe a futuristic paradigm in which machines become the primary workforce powered by Web3 technologies.” Read the full article

🔜  MachineFi Lab CTO Qevan Guo explains why Ethereum Merge support is important for IoTeX

Qevan Guo stressed the importance of being Ethereum compatible, especially in light of the coming launch of W3bStream, IoTeX’s data oracle that will produce “proof of anything” for both the IoTeX and Ethereum networks. Read the full article.