IoTeX Community Mid-Summer Highlights

IoTeX Community Mid-Summer Highlights

It’s mid-crypto winter in a sweltering summer and the IoTeX community continues to build.

Recently, we’ve been in Barcelona, Paris, Denver and, of course, in other parts around the globe. We’re heads down building a completely new vertical with MachineFi - the most ambitious platform for IoT + Blockchain + DeFi yet to be conceived. We’re bringing on new projects weekly, awarding Halo Grants, and seeing tangible progress from our existing projects. And this week, we have news from Balcony DAO, Ankr, and ROADRUNR as well as a few internal updates.

Welcome to the IoTeX Forum

We’ve updated the forum and we know you’ll love it. We’ve redefined the categories and updated the rules to motivate more community discussions. Get all the details here.

Halo Grant Highlights

Everyone’s spirits are buoyed on receiving the news of Ahoy's grant approval. We think this is a great application of IoTeX technology. Here’s what Ahoy is building:

Ahoy is a decentralized weather data capturing solution for boats. Real-time weather data, showing the conditions at sea, will be fed to smart contracts that insure real-time voyages. The dApp will also log past performance, and predictively adjust the assessed risk.

enviroBLOQ’s goal is to extract data from as many points around a standard smart home as possible. We wish them great success! (and our continued gratitude to founder Will McCann, a strong IoTeX supporter)

enviroBLOQ is a MachineFi dApp that connects smart home devices to the IoTeX blockchain, compiling their data into a comprehensible dashboard for homeowner analysis and third party utilization.

MistTrack was created by SlowMist as an anti-money laundering (AML) tracking tool that focuses on combating cryptocurrency money laundering activities.

Group seated at table for the Integrated Trust Network (ITN) node operators meeting

Dr. Xinxin Fan (Front Right), Head of Cryptography at IoTeX, joins to advance industry cooperation at the Integrated Trust Network (ITN) node operators meeting. The member-owned and operated ITN is a layer-two, protocol-agnostic digital infrastructure built to provide trusted identity services for connected mobility and IoT commerce.

ETHCC in Paris

Event Highlight: NFT NYC Video

Panel Discussion, Next Gen NFT Standards and Protocols

Raullen Chai: Web3’s Holy Grail

In this clip, Raullen nails it. There’s immense value in integrating Web3 and the real world. You start a virtuous cycle where one feeds the other. It’s amazing to think of the number of verticals and use cases within those verticals.  Enjoy!

IoTeX x Balcony DAO Teams: Metaverse and Real World Converse

John Belitsky, Co-Founder of Balcony DAO suggests a compelling use case for how IoT + Blockchain can be used to assess the value of a property.

IoTeXPerts Live: July 13 2022

During this episode of IoteXperts Live, we walked through the new IoTeX Developer Portal, looked at upcoming events for developers, and had amazing discussions about the tech behind MachineFi methodology. Watch it here.

Graphic: The Future 'Internet of Things' AMA Recap

The Internet of Things Meets Blockchain: A Talk With IoTeX

100 billion connected devices, 80 zettabytes of data, and one huge opportunity to connect real-world data with blockchain applications.

If you prefer audio, you can listen to the full session here

Ecosystem Updates image

ROADRUNR: The Web3 of Vehicles

We’re thrilled to announce that ROADRUNR has launched on the IoTeX network after being in development for one year. They are pioneering a Drive-to-Earn model incentivizing safe, sustainable and affordable driving, through data ownership and decentralization. Learn more on Twitter.

StarCrazy Meme Contest

Watching from the sidelines, we’ve seen some whacky, hilarious submissions. The community has really stepped up to the job on this. But this work of art - there’s no other way to describe it - really caught our eye. Link to this beautifully rendered animated Gif.