DePIN Ads with Dropwireless and W3bstream

DePIN Ads with Dropwireless and W3bstream

DropWireless aims to pioneer a new era of decentralized peer-to-peer advertising through its DePIN platform DropWireless Media, leveraging the the IoTeX stack and W3bstream. Here's a deep dive into the application flow and a diagram for the tech savvies to show how DW is using W3bstream to generate zk-proofs of off-chain execution to trigger on-chain rewards for network providers, thus making DropWireless a truly trust-less and verifiable DePIN application.

The Application Flow:

The diagram below shows the flow of the application both from the perspective of a Drop Media Device owners and of end-users, aiming to purchase ad spaces.

Device Owner Interaction:

  • A device owner registers their device/s on chain and binds them with their wallet. This registration step ensures the device's identity and ownership on the network.
  • The device owner sets the availability hours, indicating when their device is available to display advertisements.

End User Purchasing Ad Spaces:

  • An end user, aiming to buy ad spaces, books an available slot on the device, making a deposit payment in the marketplace contract.
  • The end-user monitors the delivery of the ad from the marketplace contract.

Advertisement Display & Verification:

  • Upon acceptance of the order by the DropWireless device, the ad is then played at the corresponding time booked by the end-user.
  • W3bstream constantly receives data from the device and, generates a zk-proof of successful ads playback. This 'proof of execution' is then forwarded to the marketplace contract.

Payment & Rewards:

  • Based on the proof of execution from W3bstream, the marketplace contract triggers a DWIN (ERC20 Token on the IoTeX chain) payment to the device owner, rewarding them for displaying the advertisement.

Key Components & Architecture:

  • IoTeX Chain: The IoTeX chain hosts the Marketplace contracts and the token contract used to reward network providers, i.e. device owners, once the proof has been released by W3bstream and verified.
  • W3bstream: W3bstream allows for decentralized and verifiable computations of off-chain data. For DropWireless, it verifies the advertisement playback on the devices, generating zk-proofs for the same and the correct computation of rewards calculated in the DropWireless W3bstream project applet.
  • Account Abstraction (AA) Services: Simplifying user interactions, the AA wallet allows for operations without the need to manage gas or even create a traditional wallet. Users can simply operate with familiar credentials like email and password, while underlying operations, such as gas payments, are handled seamlessly through a paymaster. For more info on the account abstraction infrastructure on IoTeX follow this guide.
  • Token System: The DWIN token is used for booking ads and rewarding device owners. Once W3bstream provides a proof of ad play execution, the ERC20 contract is triggered to dispense rewards.
  • Drop Media Devices: The current Drop Media devices, namely the G2 model, continuously monitor the Marketplace contract for orders assigned to them. They accept valid orders and, once the media playback begins, they send periodic heartbeat messages to W3bstream as proof of playing the specified media from beginning to end. Upon completion of the media playback, an "order completed" message is sent to trigger the proof generation process on W3bstream.


In summary, DropWireless's DePIN platform offers a decentralized, peer-to-peer advertising network, where device owners are rewarded for maintaining the infrastructure. The application will leverage the IoTeX chain to manage the device registration and owner information, the token contract, and the marketplace contract. Off-chain, W3bstream will be used to ensure verifiability and trustworthiness in the system (verifying the off-chain computation of rewards, and correct execution of the DropWireless business logic). Finally the IoTeX Account Abstraction infrastructure will then be used to enhance the user experience by providing an easy account login and a gas-less experience with the Paymaster service. With this stack, DropWireless is ensuring a truly decentralized and trust-less DePIN project that is set to introduce completely new elements in the traditional advertising sector, by directly rewarding ad providers, allowing anyone to advertise their content and lowering the barrier for many small businesses and individuals to have access to prime advertisement, hence democratizing the ad industry as a whole.