IoTeX’s W3bstream Integrates Solana: Fast-Forwarding DePIN Adoption

IoTeX’s W3bstream Integrates Solana: Fast-Forwarding DePIN Adoption

IoTeX’s ambition is always to create a seamless connection between the real world and Web3, to empower innovators to create powerful decentralized applications that have a meaningful impact on everyday life.

That’s why IoTeX is laser-focused on catalyzing the fast-growing DePIN sector, one of the most significant technical transformations of the decade. DePIN stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. It is the intersection of the physical and crypto worlds, leveraging token incentives to deploy and maintain a community-contributed infrastructure network. This "infrastructure" can be anything from WiFi hotspots in wireless networks to solar-powered home batteries in energy networks.

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The launch of W3bstream, the verifiable off-chain compute infrastructure, established IoTeX as a DePIN leader and has unlocked brand new design spaces only made possible with real-world data. To fully align with this vision, it's essential to establish broad interoperability across chains, layers, and ecosystems.

IoTeX is excited to announce the integration of Solana with W3bstream. This opens the door for DePIN founders building on Solana to make use of W3bstream’s functionality as a middleware layer for the DePIN space.

With nearly 20,000 monthly active developers, Solana has one of the most lively builder ecosystems.

The W3bstream integration allows Solana developers to connect their dApps to real world data and generate corresponding on-chain events. From fitness applications to green energy to wireless 5G, the use cases are endless.

Moreover, this integration allows DePIN projects on Solana like Render, Helium, Hivemapper and more to use DePINscan – the map explorer-as-a-service for real-time, deep and transparent insights for every project in the entire DePIN landscape.


With DePINscan, Solana DePIN builders will have access to an out-of-the-box custom dashboard tool that will scale with their dApp, providing invaluable data-driven insights to their team, investors, and community. DePINscan integration is free and takes only one hour.

What “Solana Integration” Means

W3bstream is an off-chain compute infra built to offload intensive or ongoing computations, using innovative zero-knowledge proofs and a general-purpose zkVM to deliver verifiable results. Solana is the latest integration for W3bstream, following recent integrations with Polygon, Arbitrum, and IoTeX chain.

Solana developers now have access to W3bstream Studio: the graphical user interface to interact with W3bstream. W3bstream Studio the hub for managing real-world applications and their valuable data. It includes an integrated development environment (IDE), project management tools, metrics dashboards, event handling, and more.

DePIN IoTeX W3bstream Studio

With the new ability to transmit on-chain proofs to Solana, W3bstream applications have the power to bring DePIN applications to an entirely new mass of users. Solana’s scalable, interoperable ecosystem boasts low costs and new innovations like compressed NFTs.

IoTeX on Interoperability: DePIN First

IoTeX’s mission to bring DePIN to the masses requires flexible interoperability across chains, layers, and tooling. Gone are the days of monolithic building, replaced in favor of modular building for the greatest flexibility and opportunity for developers across ecosystems.

By integrating with various L1s and L2s, IoTeX aims to provide its tools and infrastructure for builders from every corner of the Web3 space. W3bstream opens an exciting design space for developers to build r3al world applications that benefit businesses and individuals across every sector.

DePINscan embodies our vision for interoperability and composability within DePIN – it illuminates potential collaboration opportunities within the DePIN ecosystem, fostering composability through shared data layers.

What’s Next?

The addition of Solana into the IoTeX W3bstream ecosystem is only the beginning of what will be possible from the merging of these two robust ecosystems. Our journey towards broad interoperability aims to bridge the tangible world to Web3 through powerful DePIN applications. And the key to making mass adoption a reality is by providing game-changing tools and resources for builders to achieve the previously impossible.

Developers, regardless of their blockchain preferences, now can tap into the extensive opportunities of real-world data and assets through W3bstream.

As we onboard more L1 and L2 ecosystems, our research and development team is continuously pushing the boundaries to build and hone our toolkit for DePIN builders. We are dedicated to providing GTM strategies, middleware resources, and quicker development times so that any team or builder can create successful real-world applications. From tutorials to workshops to our developer portal, we are harnessing the power of community in the DePIN sector to lead it forward.

About IoTeX

IoTeX is a modular Web3 infrastructure platform connecting smart devices and real-world data to blockchains. It empowers developers to integrate Web3 into everyday life through innovations in connected smart vehicles, city mapping, green energy initiatives, super-charged fitness platforms, environmental data tracking, proof-of-presence applications, proof of humanity, and more. With the launch of W3bstream, the world's first off-chain compute framework for smart devices and real-world data, IoTeX has become the leading Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) technology provider, enabling vertical innovations for machines, humans, businesses, and dApps to interact with trust and privacy. Backed by a global team of 60+ research scientists and engineers, IoTeX combines its EVM-compatible L1 blockchain, off-chain compute middleware, and open hardware to connect billions of smart devices, machines and sensors and dApps across the physical and digital world.

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