IoTeX Mainnet v1.3 is LIVE — EVM Istanbul & Reduced Gas Costs

This major network upgrade brings the latest EVM Istanbul to IoTeX and supports all Web3 DApps with minimized gas costs for storage. Details here

IoTeX Mainnet v1.3 is LIVE — EVM Istanbul & Reduced Gas Costs

Introducing IoTeX Mainnet v1.3, the next evolution of the IoTeX blockchain! Mainnet v1.3 is now LIVE as of block height 12,289,321 — thanks to our global network of Delegates that have upgraded their nodes to the best version of iotex-core yet.

This major network upgrade brings the latest EVM Istanbul to IoTeX and supports all Web3 DApps with minimized gas costs for storage + zk-SNARKs computations. Mainnet v1.3 complements the full Web3-compatibility introduced via Mainnet v1.2 in June 2021. Together, IoTeX is now one of the most robust, flexible, and user/dev-friendly blockchains in the industry.

In the rest of this blog, we share the game-changing features of Mainnet v1.3, and how this will impact IoTeX users and developers.

EVM Istanbul Upgrade

With Mainnet v1.3, the IoTeX blockchain now supports the latest version of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This Istanbul upgrade delivers meaningful benefits for both developers and users, such as denial-of-service (DDoS) attack resilience, reduced gas costs for EVM storage, and cost-effective zk-SNARKs/zk-STARKs computations. Here is the full list of EIPs included in the Istanbul upgrade that are now live on IoTeX:

  • EIP-152 — precompiled Blake2b to enable zkSNARKs & zkSTARKs
  • EIP-1108 — better bn256 library for fast computation, low gas costs
  • EIP-1344 — adds CHAINID opcode to return current chain’s EIP-155 unique identifier inside smart contract
  • EIP-1884 — repricing for trie-size -dependent opcodes
  • EIP-2028 — transaction data gas cost reduction
  • EIP-2200 — cost reduction of storage in the EVM

Get ready for never-before-seen Dapps and services on IoTeX thanks to EVM Istanbul. Learn more about EVM on IoTeX here.

Other Mainnet v1.3 Features

In addition to the EVM Istanbul upgrade, Mainnet v1.3 delivers several other features and patches as part of the most complete IoTeX blockchain yet:

  1. Optimized block sync strategy to make our blockchain more robust
  2. Patch that makes API queries much faster, especially to return the latest committed block
  3. Patch to ensure network connectivity is not lost if a node goes down; nodes can now detect any network loss/reconnect events and automatically resume working after network connectivity is restored

For the full details on Mainnet v1.3 and a summary of gas cost updates, see our release note on Github.

Calling All Developers!

IoTeX is (and will always be) open-source. We encourage everyone to review the Mainnet v1.3 source code and contribute to the iotex-core protocol!

Release v1.3.0 · iotexproject/iotex-bootstrap
Config and instructions for running IoTeX node. Contribute to iotexproject/iotex-bootstrap development by creating an account on GitHub.

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➡️ Reference: IoTeX Docs | Ethereum Compatibility | DID | Full Nodes

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