Pebble, the Groundbreaking IoT Blockchain Device is Shipping!

Pebble, the Groundbreaking IoT Blockchain Device is Shipping!

The wait is over- IoTeX is shipping its new real-world data tracking device Pebble! What can we expect from IoTeX with this latest release?

IoTeX has established itself as a trailblazer in the IoT Blockchain space, so let’s take a look at its track record so far. The IoTeX Mainnet has been live and fully operating since 2019 - all while prioritizing true decentralization from its start. It has already seen many successful Dapps launched in DeFi, NFT Gaming, DEXs, and more. Right now, over 900 developers are building game-changing projects on IoTeX.

UCam CES Innovation Award 2020
UCam CES Innovation Award 2020

The IoTeX network transcended the digital world into the physical world with the creation of UCam, the world’s first blockchain home security camera. Not only is UCam backed by esteemed industry research, but it won the 2020 CES Innovation Award for Cybersecurity and Privacy. It won against hundreds of cameras (this means beating all non-blockchain options!) and stood with other CES-winning innovators from leading companies like Samsung, LG Electronics, ASUS, and MSI Computer. Truthfully, what other blockchain can say they have this impressive reputation in the mainstream already?

“Right now, roughly 99% of devices and data are controlled by 1% of centralized entities. We want to solve this problem regarding the democracy of data, and how we can give the devices and data back to human beings. That’s why we’re starting Iotex and trying to build this decentralized way to help people claim their rights to data and devices.” - Raullen Chai, IoTeX Co-Founder & CEO
The IoTeX team live at CES
The IoTeX team live at CES

Now the IoTeX team is ready to take data integrity and privacy to the next level with its new hardware device: Pebble. We can proudly say that there is no better equipped team of developers, researchers, and creatives all dedicated to solving this problem that is shaping our current reality and beyond.

Pebble is for individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments. It’s that impactful.

We want to show you how easy and accessible Pebble is for all users. You do not need to understand the complexities of blockchain or crypto to use Pebble. All you need is a passion to take back your digital ownership and control your data.

It’s as simple as buying a Pebble device, turning it on, and registering it to your IoTeX portal. Now, you’re ready to start tracking your data in the most secure, private way possible.

“The IoTeX blockchain platform is designed to connect these types of smart devices to decentralized applications. This would enable users to be in full control of their devices and data. According to the IoTeX website, there are currently over thousands of devices using its blockchain.” - Nasdaq

Why Pebble? The motivation behind its creation

If we’ve learned anything from the news lately, we can all agree that centralization poses a huge security risk to both individuals and companies alike. Data breaches are compromising millions of accounts, outages are causing communications to come to a screeching halt, attacks on supply chain processes are impacting businesses globally, and the list goes on.

Whether we like it or not, the digital world is transforming the way we live our personal lives too. Your doctor’s office likely keeps your healthcare data online, social media profiles gather your most personal details, fitness watches monitor your heartbeat and sleep patterns, and your smartphone knows your exact location at all times. A little creepy when you think about it, right? More so, your life’s worth of data can get into the hands of hackers all too easily.

Evidently, we need a solution to this growing issue to keep us safe from hackers. This means moving away from centralized corporations we have been required to “trust” with our sensitive information. We no longer have to be at the mercy of someone else controlling our digital identities, and Pebble proves that. You don’t have to wipe yourself off the grid. This is something to be excited and hopeful about!

IoTeX Pebble device
IoTeX Pebble is arriving this November in homes worldwide

What exactly is Pebble?

Pebble is a handheld device that captures real-world data such as location, motion, humidity, and light. What sets this device apart from every other on the market is the security of blockchain. The smart devices we rely on today (cars, phones, locks, fridges, you name it) will always be prone to hacks for as long as they are connected to the internet.

So, IoTeX came up with a solution to this issue: tamper-proof hardware. Essentially, our data can only be as secure as the devices we store it on. With Pebble, IoTeX has gone beyond the basics of secure chip technology to transform it in a way no one else has done before.

And I think that some of the work we did at Trusted IoT Alliance and IoTeX, really shows the art of the possible, and I think the next five, ten, fifteen years are going to be really exciting.- Anoop Nannra, Global Blockchain Segment Leader at AWS

With Pebble, no one can ever view or hack your data- not even IoTeX or the device manufacturers have access to it. The magnitude of this technology is unmatched. And it’s already being shipped to people globally.

How Do Businesses Rate IoTeX? Here is what they say

So how can I use it now? And why should I?

Today, data is more valuable than oil. With IoTeX, we believe individuals deserve the right to control and monetize this asset. Pebble has so many diverse uses, and we cannot stress enough how exciting it will be to see how creative developers build upon it.

From an enterprise perspective, Pebble has the ability to transform business operations across every sector. For example, think about supply chain management. These logistics rely on end-to-end efficiency including studying traffic patterns, asset traceability, and environmental conditions to preserve goods during transport. With Pebble’s real-time tracking, companies can drastically reduce bottleneck effects as well as unnecessary intermediaries and costs.

“When you talk about a supply chain, Pebble has so many use cases. We could spend hours talking about them and we wouldn’t get through many. I think the Pebble tracker is a great example of having some flexibility, especially when we’re developing and testing out use cases. Having something like the Pebble, so we can do a lot of different things, so we can test out a lot of different functionalities, is great.” - Nathan Miller, CEO, Consensus Networks and former officer serving on a nuclear submarine

Next imagine Pebble from an individual perspective. During our GR11 Hackathon, developers built Dapps using Pebble data. Here is a look into one of the winning submissions, Pebble Analytics:

Pebble Analytics Dashboard
Pebble Analytics Dashboard

Pebble Analytics provides an interactive experience for users viewing their Pebble data on the network including GPS locations and environmental conditions. The most exciting feature? The animated dashboard brings data to life, such as temperature and location over time or pressure and location over time.

This interactive map could provide exciting opportunities in the fitness health space. Imagine a hiker making his/her ascent up a mountain. Pebble Analytics can track temperature and pressure from beginning to reaching the summit. Likewise, marathon runners can visualize their journey with humidity or temperature during the race. The future of health data could be reimagined.

“Internet of Things is transforming the everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives. From refrigerators to parking spaces to houses, the Internet of Things is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day, which will likely make the Internet of Things a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future.” - PricewaterhouseCoopers Report

Pebble is Here and Now

Ultimately, data security, integrity, and privacy are all made possible with Pebble. Combining tamper-proof hardware with tamper-proof software is the best solution to the ongoing cybersecurity issues that are impacting the entire world. IoTeX’s team pioneered the research and development behind this technology, being the first ones to make it a reality. We already use chips to secure our credit cards, Pebble is the logical next step. This singular, groundbreaking invention is only getting started as the world continues to become more connected.

Ready to go on your Pebble adventure? You can grab it here.