Pebble Tracker Now Available on Mouser Electronics

Pebble Tracker Now Available on Mouser Electronics

One of the world’s largest electronics distributors, Mouser Electronics now stocks and sells Pebble Tracker, powered by IoTeX. Founded in 1964, Mouser is the seventh largest electronics distributor in the world with over $3 billion in annual sales across 1,200 industry-leading manufacturers  – it's amazing to see a blockchain-powered device make its way into the mainstream!

Pebble Tracker is a blockchain-ready asset tracking device designed to meet the highest of standards for device data security. Designed with multiple sensors – GPS, temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, vibration, and light – Pebble Tracker produces trusted data for use in smart contracts where the integrity of the data is mission critical.

As a Pebble Tracker owner, you have the freedom to control, utilize, and monetize your data. By submitting your real-world data from Pebble Tracker to dApps on the IoTeX blockchain, you will be able to earn digital assets or digital reputation based on your real-world activities. From owning your data and identity to monetizing your data to automation to other metaphysical use cases, the possibilities are endless with tamper-proof hardware (Pebble Tracker) and tamper-proof software (blockchain).

Join the machine economy and get your Pebble on Mouser today! You can also purchase a Pebble-ready SIM card at

Pebble packaging and device

Use Pebble Tracker with the MachineFi Portal

To use the Pebble Tracker, you can easily set up an account and register your device on the MachineFi Portal, the one-stop shop for connecting devices to the IoTeX Network and interacting with various Dapps and services. Once you register your Pebble Tracker, you will be able to monitor your data, add other devices to your account, join MachineFi dApps, earn tokens, and more.

Blockchain Developers can use trusted data from Pebble devices in their smart contracts to build innovative MachineFi decentralized applications (DApps).

IoT developers who want to prototype blockchain-based solutions can use Pebble Tracker to bring real-world data to a wide range of applications.

Viewing Data and DApps in the MachineFi Portal

POP Protocol with Pebble

POP (Proof-of-Presence) Protocol is sui generis, that is, a new kind of protocol that connects your real world geo-location to Web3 dApps. POP protocol is the brainchild of IoTeX and will be an integral part of the MachineFi ecosystem. POP will enable users to submit their geo-location data to qualify for location-based airdrops and NFT mints. The best part is POP is designed to be a multi-chain solution for any EVM-compatible blockchain such as IoTeX, Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and more.

POP will be the first application compatible with Pebble Tracker and Meta-Pebble! You will soon be able to use your Pebble's geo-location to opt-in to different activities like geo-fenced airdrops, scavenger hunts, and more dApps that will be available soon.

Watch Larry Pang, Head of Business Development at IoTeX, at a recent presentation at ETHDenver below where he talks about the upcoming applications that Pebble Tracker and Meta-Pebble will empower, as well as how everyday people may use these technologies in the future.

What does Pebble Tracker Measure?

We like to refer to Pebble Tracker as the "Swiss Army Knife" of asset tracking. Pebble  an measure an impressive range of conditions, events, and substances. As the number of business verticals increases there will be many use cases discovered and employed for Pebble.

On-board Sensors

  • TD1030 GPS sensor for verifiable geo-location
  • Bosch BME680 Environmental Sensor for temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air quality
  • ICM-42605 Motion Sensor w/ 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer
  • AMS TSL2572 Ambient Light Sensor

Why does the Pebble tracker matter?

Proving a condition or event actually happened in a specific space and specific time will be become a requirement for many industries. When paired with a cellular IoT SIM card, the Pebble Tracker can send verified, encrypted data to a blockchain where that data can be used for essential services or sold to third parties looking for any number of categories of data.

One clear use for this level of data security is in the military. Consensus Networks, a company founded by a former navy officer assigned to submarines, landed a $1.5 million contract for a pilot program to use the Pebble Tracker for medical supply chain tracking. Knowing that fragile medical supplies (think temperature sensitive vaccines and other crucial medications) can be securely tracked from manufacturer to patient can literally be a matter of life and death.

Another exciting example is MOBI's Trusted Trip initiative which explores how drivers can control and monetize from their vehicle data with Pebble Tracker and IoTeX blockchain technology, unlocking endless use cases in transportation, sustainability, and beyond.

Walmart Canada began a pilot program for their 70 third party freight carriers using a private blockchain, which enabled Walmart to reduce their invoicing discrepancies from 70% to 1%. That’s a win for both Walmart and for the individual carriers. Verifiable, real-time data truly has the potential to change how nearly every industry operates.

Anyone can buy, set up and use Pebble in just a few minutes. Pebble’s release on Mouser marks the next big milestone towards IoTeX powering billions of devices globally. Pebble connects your everyday life to Web3. Come join us in the MachineFi Portal!

Head over to Mouser and grab your Pebble Tracker.