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IoTeX and our global ecosystem partners are building the future of IoT on blockchain.
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"Data is the new gold, and blockchain will enable it to be exchanged securely. As thought leaders in IoT data and blockchain, Weeve and IoTeX are excited to join forces to build a trusted, secure, and user-friendly marketplace for IoT data."

- Dr. Sebastian Gajek, Weeve CTO
Weeve is a Berlin-based blockchain company building a decentralized platform to transform IoT data into tradeable digital assets. Weeve uses patented cryptographic technologies to attest data (i.e., certify originating source and convert to a ‘digital asset’) and curates a platform for individuals and companies to deploy data monetization services based on this certified data. Weeve’s core team if IoT industry veterans / incubators, professors, and top tier engineers are building the Economy of Things.

Weeve will use IoTeX’s infrastructure in its tech stack as a privacy-preserving blockchain layer for the transmission and storage of IoT data. Throughout our partnership, we will integrate with Weeve’s tech stack, run proofs of concept with real data suppliers / buyers, and collaborate on research in data attestation and cryptography. The Weeve platform will launch in mid-2019.
Berlin, Germany
IoT Data, Economy of Things
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Partnering With IoTeX

Development Partners

While any developer can leverage IoTeX’s open source infrastructure to build DApps, our official development partners will benefit from hands-on advisory via direct access to IoTeX’s product and technical teams. Development partners will be prioritized to beta test new IoTeX features and will receive access to IoTeX’s network of blockchain / IoT contacts. Other resources, such as funding for proofs of concept, guidance on governance and cryptoeconomics, and technical consulting, will be provided on a discretionary basis.

Ecosystem Partners

Our ecosystem partners will benefit from working directly with the IoTeX team, our development partners, and other ecosystem partners to align their sourcing, fostering, and distribution-related capabilities with blockchain technology. We will leverage the existing reach and influence of our ecosystem partners to bring new opportunities to IoTeX and our development partners.

For complete details on the benefits and expectations of being a development partner or ecosystem partner, please see our official IoTeX Partnerships Program blog post.
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