A New Paradigm for Privacy

IoTeX secure hardware for full data privacy and ownership – coming soon!

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Privacy By Design 


Privacy is not an option – it is our fundamental human right. That’s why IoTeX builds secure hardware with “privacy by design”. By incorporating Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) elements from Intel & Arm and privacy-centric blockchain technology, IoTeX is creating the world’s first fully private IoT products. Join the IoTeX revolution and take back your privacy!

You Own Your Data

Right now, our private data is being tracked and sold for corporate profits. It’s time to break the status quo! IoTeX products ensure all data is 100% owned by YOU – not IoTeX, not IoT manufacturers, not corporations! You control whether to keep your data fully private, sell/trade it with others, expose it to service providers, and more. Don’t trust “terms & conditions” to protect your data – trust IoTeX.

User-Centric Features

IoTeX believes that privacy should not come at the expense of functionality. IoTeX products come with the latest features and seamless UI/UX. No lengthy setup, no complicated terms, and no programming required. IoTeX does the heavy lifting to make protecting your privacy as easy as possible. You don’t have to choose between privacy and usability – have both with IoTeX.

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