IoMonthly September

IoMonthly September

This has been an eventful, exciting month (and, no spoilers, but the next one is looking to be even more exciting! See the hint dropped by Raullen at SmartCon!). September has brought us several steps closer to 20 million blocks, to W3bstream, and to unlocking a $12 trillion machine economy.

Let's take a look at all the new releases, interesting events, exciting announcements, innovative partnerships and amazing community activity this month has shown us.

New Releases

IoTeX 1.9.0 Mainnet is coming soon, but, besides this long-awaited release, there've been a few others: website launches and product updates.

Dev Portal

Have you seen this Developer Portal yet? It's an Academy, with guides provided by the IoTeX Foundation. It is also a place for all you, devs, to connect with each other and share your experiences. Sign up, create your profile and start networking, contributing, socializing and creating.

Visit the Developer Portal now!

IoTeX | Developer Portal

Delegate Portal

Not a developer? We've got another portal for you - don't worry. This Delegate Portal is both for all wannabe Delegates who have always wanted to contribute but weren't sure how to start and for existing Delegates - improving your experience and making it easier than ever.

Learn more about the Delegate Portal!

ioPay 2.2

ioPay | Cryptocurrency | Multichain Wallet

Your favorite wallet keeps getting better. As you know, ioPay is more than a wallet, now with more chains supported, more functions available, and more users like you exploring dApps, creating staking buckets and sending IOTX all over the place.

Interesting Events

We have been sharing MachineFi with the world by participating in relevant events and explaining its enormous potential to revolutionize the machine economy. One of the rules we follow when taking part in an event is that each team member asks at least 3 people about their opinion on MachineFi and it disrupting the IoT space. We hope you'll employ this approach for your events as well! 🙂

Workshop w/ Google Cloud

IoTeX | Google | Google Cloud

Remember this photo? It was a big hit on Twitter among the IoTeX community!

NKN Web 3.0 Panel

IoTeX CEO & Co-Founder Raullen Chai participated in the "Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022" by NKN.

Listen to the Panel here!


Raullen Chai | IoTeX | SmartCon

Raullen spoke on MachineFi at SmartCon 2022 and also dropped some news on W3bstream and its upcoming preview version release.

Check out our SmartCon Recap and stay tuned for more videos.

TIPIN Summit 2022

IoTeX team photo: Marcos Dinnerstein, Claire Biasco, Giuseppe De Luca, Andrew Law
IoTeX team (L to R) Marcos Dinnerstein, Claire Biasco, Giuseppe De Luca, Andrew Law

Andrew Law spoke on a TIPIN panel, joined by his IOTeX teammates: sharing insights on IoTeX and crypto incentives.

IIConsortium Q3 Member Meeting

Raullen Chai discussed MachineFi with leading IoT experts! The IIC event brought industry experts together, with representatives from Accenture, Dell, Ericsson, Microsoft and Toshiba.Want to learn more? Read about Industry IoT Consortium& Marine Management Test Drive.

Exciting Announcements

The whole crypto community has been looking forward to September as it made history with the Ethereum Merge - which IoTeX fully supported.

IoTeX supported ETH Merge

Qevan Guo explained to Tech Times why IoTeX supported ETH Merge and how it benefits developers building MachineFi dApps.

ICBC & EAI BlockTEA 2022

Another announcement worth noting is that IoTeX’s Dr. Xinxin Fan became a committee member of ICBC & EAI BlockTEA 2022, two of the most important academic conferences in blockchain!

Fastblocks Launch

We are happy to see Fastblocks launch so that people in the community who want to become Delegates or interested projects can get an easy way to run and manage nodes, without having to do the upkeep by themselves. Read about Fastblocks in their tweet.

Innovative Partnerships

Ahoy DAO

Ahoy is building a solution to decentralize the utilization, management, ownership, renting, docking, financing, and user experience of marine-based assets. It's aiming to use Pebble to track boating activities and get accurate weather data."Navigating new waters with blockchain" - says this article by CryptoDaily exploring this new Pebble use case.

IoTeX and Morpheus.Network

IoTeX has partnered up with Morpheus Network to revolutionize supply chain tracking!

IoTeX will bring a blockchain-based solution for increased value and transparency, and Morpheus.Network - a document-sharing system that reduces costs, required manpower, delivery  time in international shipping. The Pebble tracker will be used to feed accurate, trusted, real-time data on the movements of physical goods across all points of the supply chain.

Learn more about the IoTeX & Morpheus.Network partnership in our blog post.

Amazing Community Activity

MachineFi | Volume


Each day in the IoT & blockchain space is a wonder of innovation, and September was full of new ideas and their real-world applications. Now, let's give it up for October, and, devs, this month is for you to start benefiting from W3bstream.

Yeah, we said it: October: W3bstreamonth!