IoTeX to Present Blockchain & IoT Innovations @ IIC Q2 Member Meeting

IoTeX’s Dr. Xinxin Fan was recently selected as the new Co-chair of the Distributed Ledger Task Group of the IIC alongside Anoop Narra (Amazon) and Mike McBride (Huawei).

IoTeX to Present Blockchain & IoT Innovations @ IIC Q2 Member Meeting

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is one of the world’s leading IoT consortiums, consisting of 300+ of the world’s premier technology organizations.

Founded by Bosch, Dell, GE, Huawei, and Microsoft, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) focuses on accelerating the development, adoption, and widespread use of interconnected machines and intelligent analytics. IoTeX’s Dr. Xinxin Fan was recently selected as the new Co-chair of the Distributed Ledger Task Group of the IIC alongside Anoop Narra (Amazon) and Mike McBride (Huawei).

Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Founders

Within the IIC, IoTeX helps drive the development of technology frameworks and blockchain-based use cases for enterprises. A core contribution that IoTeX has made to the IIC is our Blockchain & IoT Reference Architecture, which serves as an onboarding framework for Blockchain & IoT implementations.

IoTeX Presentations @ IIC Q2 Member Meeting

Each quarter, the IIC membership of global technology leaders meets to share new research, use cases, and product development frameworks . During the upcoming Q2 Member Meeting from June 22–26, IoTeX will participate in four sessions to share our latest work to the IIC membership, spanning decentralized identity (DID), Pantheon consortium blockchain, “Proof of Process” testbed, and more.

Although these presentations are for IIC members only, we have provided details regarding each of the sessions below:

➡️ Edge Computing Task Group (Tuesday, June 23)

Abstract: In this session, the Edge Computing Task Group will start a discussion on how edge computing, especially when partnered with AI, can help reshare the industrial supply-chain in the post pandemic era. The session will also address two completed technical briefs on edge: “Intelligent AR on Edge” (SAS Institute) and “DID on Edge” (IoTeX). More new issues are in the pipeline and will be addressed as well.

Speakers: Xinxin Fan (IoTeX), Todd Edmunds (Dell Technologies), Michael Thomas (SAS Institute), Mitch Tseng (Tseng InfoServ LLC), Lalit Canaran (IVADO Labs)

➡️ “Proof of Process” Testbed by IoTeX (Tuesday, June 23)

Abstract: Manufacturers of devices, components, and raw materials verify the quality of their end-products (“outputs”) reactive quality control measures, such as stress testing. However, the “inputs” and “processes” that produce these outputs are frustratingly opaque and typically controlled by a single centralized entity. By bridging tamper-proof hardware and tamper-proof backend systems (i.e., blockchain), the authenticity, integrity, and immutability of inputs/processes can be globally verifiable and trusted. In this session, we share how “proof of input” and “proof of process” can deliver verifiable trust in the Industrial IoT space across stakeholders that do not necessarily trust each other.

Speakers: Xinxin Fan (IoTeX) and Larry Pang (IoTeX)

➡️ Distributed Ledger Task Group (Wednesday, June 24)

Abstract: In this session, the Industrial Distributed Ledger TG (IDL TG) will discuss its “Distributed Ledgers in IIoT” white paper as well as the recent progress of distributed ledger technology and its applications in IIoT. IoTeX will share the recently open-sourced Pantheon, an enterprise-ready permissioned blockchain for IoT.

Speakers: Raullen Chai (IoTeX), Xinxin Fan (IoTeX), Mike McBride (Huawei), Anoop Nannra (Amazon), and Lei Xu (UTRGV)

➡️ Innovation in Healthcare (Friday, June 26)

Abstract: In this session, the Innovation Task Group and Healthcare Task Group will jointly pose a healthcare challenge (e.g., gait analysis to diagonise the helath of the elderly) and IIC members will collectively attempt to provide a solution. The form of the session will be a panel from problem setting and solutions in technologies and devices. A must see session during the Q2 Virtual Member Meeting!

Moderator: Mitch Tseng (Tseng Infoserv)

Panelists: Xinxin Fan (IoTeX), Takao Futagami (Shinsu University), Michael Thomas (SAS Institute), Gerard Vidal (Enigmedia Security)

What’s Next?

IoTeX’s effort within the IIC are ongoing and position IoTeX to work with leading global enterprises to bring IoTeX technology to real world use cases. As of late, IoTeX has been working on a new “Distributed Ledgers in Industrial IoT” white paper alongside enterprises within the Distributed Ledger Task Group. We are also embarking on new testbeds, which bring together enterprises to co-design specific Industrial IoT use cases.

We will provide a summary of our presentations at the conclusion of the Q2 Member Meeting. For more information, please see our previous IIC update and reach out to an Admin on Telegram.

About IoTeX

Founded as an open source platform in 2017, IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, an open ecosystem where all “things” — humans, machines, businesses, and DApps — can interact with trust and privacy. Backed by a global team of 30+ top research scientists and engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, secure hardware, and confidential computing to enable next-gen IoT devices, networks, and economies. IoTeX will empower the future decentralized economy by “connecting the physical world, block by block”.

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