Streamr and IoTeX Partner for Supercharged DePIN Data

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the development of DePINs, as it brings together two powerful DePIN building blocks: Streamr, the leading real-time data broadcaster, and IoTeX, the pioneering DePIN platform connecting real-world data to blockchains.

Streamr and IoTeX Partner for Supercharged DePIN Data

A shift is underway, where cutting-edge blockchain technology merges with real-world sensors, connectivity, computing power, and AI to create a new breed of infrastructure: Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs). These innovative networks break the mold of traditional infrastructure by leveraging the power of crypto-economic incentives to fuel community-driven development.

As the DePIN sector has seen explosive growth this year and is projected to reach a $3.5 trillion addressable market, we can expect to see DePINs play an increasingly important role in our lives.

At the forefront of this revolution stand two infrastructure players, Streamr and IoTeX, who have commenced a groundbreaking infra-to-infra partnership to supercharge the DePIN ecosystem.

DePIN Infra Module Landscape

From: Mapping the Landscape of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the development of DePINs, as it brings together two powerful DePIN building blocks: Streamr, the leading real-time data broadcaster, and IoTeX, the pioneering DePIN platform connecting real-world data to blockchains. By breaking down data silos, fostering collaboration, and empowering developers, Streamr and IoTeX are creating a robust and scalable ecosystem for DePIN applications.

What is Streamr?

Streamr helps DePINs unlock their potential by hyperscaling real time data delivery between any two points - via a decentralized P2P network. It also helps DePINs monetize their data to third-party apps and developers via its Hub and Data Union framework. Its technology is a core service layer for DePINs and implements a vendor-neutral, real-time publish/subscribe protocol for data transmission. The data travels via ‘one to many’ or ‘many to many’ data pipelines and its powerful tools for monetization enable DePINs to generate revenue from their data, fostering a thriving economy within the DePIN ecosystem.

The Streamr protocol acts as a building block for decentralized applications, removing the reliance on central servers for data exchange. This ensures transparency, security, and scalability, creating a robust foundation for DePIN applications to operate on.

Streamr's presence in the DePIN ecosystem offers immense benefits, unlocking new possibilities for data-driven applications. Its real-time data infrastructure, combined with DePIN's focus on physical world data, creates an environment where data flows seamlessly between devices, applications, and users.

What is IoTeX?

IoTeX is a modular Web3 infrastructure platform connecting smart devices and real-world data to blockchains, purpose built for accelerating DePIN startups.

IoTeX's middleware solution, W3bstream, plays a pivotal role in connecting real-world data from smart devices to smart contracts for the development of DePIN dApps. W3bstream is an off-chain compute infra built to offload intensive or ongoing computations, using innovative zero-knowledge proofs and a general-purpose zkVM to deliver verifiable results. Acting as a real-world "oracle" similar to Chainlink, W3bstream becomes a vital bridge between physical devices and the blockchain. This capability is crucial for DePIN applications that require secure and verifiable access to off-chain data.

IoTeX’s EVM-compatible L1 blockchain, off-chain compute middleware, and open hardware collectively make it a vital and tailored solution for DePIN startups, empowering them to build and scale DePINs effectively.

Outside of W3bstream, IoTeX has a variety of other products and services that enable DePIN development.

IoTeX DePIN Innovation

How are we working together?

While still in its early stages, the Streamr and IoTeX partnership is already driving collaboration on multiple fronts.

W3bstream Integration

Thanks to Streamr, any DePIN application can now leverage a “stream” of data in their W3bstream project. This data can then be filtered based on custom parameters, and injected in a ZK-Circuit to generate a proof. This proof is then verified on-chain by a Verifier contract and it could be used to trigger any application specific logic, such as minting token rewards.

By leveraging ZK, W3bstream offers an extra layer of decentralization, trustless-ness and scalability for any DePIN project.

IoTeX Streamr DePIN ZK

Integration with DePINScan

The DePIN sector is rapidly expanding, attracting interest from a diverse range of stakeholders. To navigate this complex landscape, IoTeX has developed DePINscan, a data aggregation and visualization tool that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire DePIN ecosystem.

Streamr is now fully integrated with DePINscan, which not only enhances the visibility of transparent DePIN data but also identifies potential collaboration opportunities within the sector.

IoTeX DePIN Scan

You can explore the Streamr page on DePINscan here.

Joining the DePIN Liquidity Hub

The Streamr and IoTeX partnership goes beyond infrastructure integration. Streamr has joined IoTeX's DePIN Liquidity Hub, a vital program to deepen liquidity and nurture young DePIN projects.

The DePIN Liquidity Hub tackles two key challenges: limited liquidity for small projects and the importance of collaboration. By sharing IoTeX's resources, including capital and marketing expertise, the hub increases overall DePIN liquidity, benefiting all participants and creating a more robust ecosystem.

This means Streamr will integrate with IoTeX’s multi-chain wallet for DePIN (ioPay) and cross-chain bridge (ioTube). Streamr will also be listed on the mimo DEX, which facilitates trading and enhances visibility.

IoTeX DePIN Liquidity

What’s coming

The Streamr and IoTeX partnership has ignited a powerful synergy, laying the groundwork for a transformative future. Yet, this is merely the beginning of a journey rife with boundless opportunities for collaboration between these two pioneering infrastructures.

In 2023, IoTeX's global event series, R3AL WORLD, brought together over 4,000 attendees and 50 DePIN projects across 6 cities. Looking ahead to 2024, we eagerly anticipate Streamr actively participating in future R3AL WORLD events, expanding the reach and impact of DePIN technology.

Beyond in-person events, the IoTeX Dev Rel team has a plethora of developer workshops lined up, showcasing how Streamr streams can be used in W3bstream dApp development. These workshops will cover topics like:

  • Building a DePIN bike-sharing dApp (Episodes 1, 2, and 3)
  • Leveraging DePIN RWAs in DeFi applications (SupraOracles)
  • Integrating ZK proofs into your DePIN project on Solana and Linea (coming soon in January)

These are just the initial steps in a grand odyssey. As the partnership matures, exciting technical collaborations will emerge, further solidifying the power and potential of DePIN development. Stay tuned for groundbreaking innovations as Streamr and IoTeX continue to shape the future of DePINs and unlock a world brimming with possibilities.